PUBADM 500 Administration in the Public Sector

PUBADM 501 Public Policy Process

PUBADM 503 Research Methods in Public Administration

PUBADM 511 Decision Making in Public Administration

PUBADM 507 Intermediate Quantitative Methods

PUBADM 570 Public Management Skill and Techniques

PUBADM 609 Advanced Research Design

SPS 501 Social Science Research Design

SPS 502 Quantitative Methods for Social Science

SPS 505 Public Policy Analysis

SPS 506 Program Evaluation

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[Teaching Case] Air Quality Management Policy in South Korea: Blind Men and the Elephant

This case illustrates various uncertainties and challenges in different stages of policy processes – problem definition/identification, policy alternatives construction, policy making and implementation. This case is ideal for undergraduate and graduate instruction in areas such as public administration, public policy, and political science. Group discussion in the classroom can prompt students to think about the uncertainties involved in overall public policy processes and considerations for successful and responsible policy making. Teaching note for instructors is included.